Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Industry - Extraction and Logistics

So we've discovered a resource: asteroids, ice, planetary resources, moon goo, intelligent livestock, etc. What do you do now?

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Mara's Ideas on Industry

Further to Seleene's "Fighting For Industry" post, I expound on the Discover, Extract, Carry, Refine, Manufacture, Develop lifestyle of the industrial-focussed capsuleer.

Resurrection Men Storyboard

So you're a capsuleer, and you want to make some implants. You need to get some smarts for these implants, as per Resurrection Men.

At some point, the Capsuleer has found information about the smart guy whose knowledge and instincts would be useful (more about that later). The Capsuleer intends to augment themselves (or someone else, via the market) with specific skills. In our example we'll use hacking, because that's what the original story is about.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

PLEX: Back on the rise

That sell order for 30 PLEX finally cleared and the market is rising again. Someone was obviously impatient to sell their PLEX at tomorrow's buy order prices ;)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

PLEX: Offers vs Market, the aftermath

The cheap PLEX offer has finished, PLEX prices in Dodixie bottomed out at around 460M ISK. Prices are on the way up again, boosted by speculators such as the one offering 461M ISK each for 30 PLEX in a region which trades around 200 a day (and yes, that trader is 0.01-ISKing).

Look at it this way: people who buy PLEX to trade for ISK are usually after a quick ISK injection. People who buy PLEX for their account time are usually managing to scrape together the 500M ISK required at the end of their 30 day shift. Neither group are likely to have the patience to wait. In the middle are the speculators who buy from the ISK buyer for 460M ISK today, then sell to the PLEX buyer for 480M ISK next month.

If you think PLEX are sold by the real buyers directly to the real users, you have rocks in your head.

Monday, 13 February 2012

The EVE Rookie

My partner has almost reached the end of her 60 day trial. She has taken up the option of the $20 for 60 days subscription, and currently has about 400M ISK net worth. She is happily flying a Noctis and sailing the skies of Sinq Laison picking up good deals all over the place. So far she has not paid list price for anything: all her skill books, salvagers, tractor beams etc have been bought on buy orders significantly below "market value". She is absolutely ruthless.

The Noctis? It was a gift from me seeing as I haven't flown it for a year. She didn't need the gift though, since her net worth at the time was about 200M ISK. At present she is capable of salvaging about as fast as I can run missions. So I have to pick up my part of the effort! Time for some DPS implants?

PLEX: Offers vs Market

There has been an ongoing sale of 10 PLEX for a mild discount ($149.99, as opposed to 12 PLEX for $209.94, representing about $17.50ea). The market value of PLEX was steadily rising. There is now a special offer on 2 PLEX for $29.99 ($5 off the normal $34.99 price, valid until 13 February 2012, representing about $14.99ea), and the market value of PLEX has started falling. There is no Incursion interdiction happening at present.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Cat

I arrived at my jump clone to find someone had sent me a cat as a gift.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Good Payments, Evil Payments

So, in my opinion the reward level of Incursions is fine, though hisec Incursions are a little too abundant for my liking. There is a different issue though, which returns to Tippia's topic of ISK Faucets versus Sinks. I have written about Faucets and Sinks before, go read that so you know my opinions on the matter.

So, are Incursions actually paying "too much"?

Short version: Yes. And no. It's not about the ISK, it's about the risk.

Make sure you've read my two previous posts: Tippis' Rants - Faucets and Sinks, and Incursion vs Mission Income, along with Tippia's post Faucets and Sinks which spurred all of this blathering of mine.

Incursion vs Mission Running Income

There's increasing focus on the "imbalance" of Incursion income versus L4 security mission income. People see Incursion runners making a hundred million ISK an hour and feel that this is imbalanced compared to L4 security missions. I'd like to contribute my experiences to the community, in the hope that people can actually add some evidence to their arguments instead of just winding themselves up into foaming-at-the-mouth lunatic ranting based on second- or third-hand information.

Flash Post: Tippia's Rants, ISK Faucets and Sinks

Tippia has a post up about faucets and sinks:

My first response to Tippia's "average income for mission runners" is that such a figure is a little misleading: it throws people running all levels of missions into the same bucket, thus drawing an average from apples, oranges and pumpkins. In addition, it ignores a basic distinction between motivation to participate in a particular activity.