Monday, 13 February 2012

The EVE Rookie

My partner has almost reached the end of her 60 day trial. She has taken up the option of the $20 for 60 days subscription, and currently has about 400M ISK net worth. She is happily flying a Noctis and sailing the skies of Sinq Laison picking up good deals all over the place. So far she has not paid list price for anything: all her skill books, salvagers, tractor beams etc have been bought on buy orders significantly below "market value". She is absolutely ruthless.

The Noctis? It was a gift from me seeing as I haven't flown it for a year. She didn't need the gift though, since her net worth at the time was about 200M ISK. At present she is capable of salvaging about as fast as I can run missions. So I have to pick up my part of the effort! Time for some DPS implants?

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